Pre-bidding has gone live

Good morning auction 1 pre-bidding has gone live and you can now pre-bid on the pigeons till next week Thursday when the pre-bidding closes, please note this is pre-bidding only the amount the pigeon closes on Thursday evening will be the opening bid at the live auction to be hosted here at the lofts on […]

News – 26 January 2022

Good day the pigeons have been scanned and are ready for the final race on Friday 28 January 2022 from Springfontein (488km), this means a jump of very close to 230kms from the last hot spot to the final race. Early weather predictions are for a headwind of about 15kmh and for the first time […]

Allflight Gold Cup News – Hot spot 3 Winburg

Hot spot 3 Winburg With a week of planning and guessing about the weather we decided to drive down to Winburg on Friday late afternoon, Paul and Alfred booked in and were up at 04h30 so we could discuss the weather; we decided to wait till about 5am before we had a look at the […]

Hot Spot 1 – 10 January 2022

Allflight Gold Cup news – 10 January 2022 Hot spot 1 and two now behind us we are looking forward to hot spot 3 which will be a tough flight from 300km this weekend weather permitting. But let us stand up and applaud the winners of hot spot 2. After a week of guessing and […]

Gold Cup News 4 January 2022.

Gold Cup News 4 January 2022. First of all I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year may all your dreams come true in the year of 2022! Back to the pigeons, I think currently the team is working well as unit and they do not seem to have any underlying illness […]

Tropical weather conditions in and around Gauteng

Good morning (20 December 2021) The tropical weather conditions in and around Gauteng and the Free State continue and with this unprecedented weather conditions in Gauteng the training and race preparations are falling behind daily, I cannot get much further than 60 to 70km’s as the weather changes very quickly. Today was another day with […]

Pointers to all fanciers who have pigeons in the race!

Good afternoon, a quick few pointers to all fanciers who have pigeons in the race! Entered pigeons: Please if you have not sent me your 2 entered pigeons ring numbers per team I need them urgently any fanciers who does not nominate the two entries by end of business today must accept that I will […]

Summer 2022 Training News

It is now two days after the very difficult training flight for the summer 2022 team, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what went wrong, the pigeons are in good health and physical condition as can be seen from Dr van Zyl’s report attached to this email, I took the pigeons […]

Official Winter Race Rules for 2022

Pigeons to be rung with officially recognized 2021 or 2022 rings ONLY. Intake 1 October 2021 to 31 January 2022. For every pigeon sent to the loft a fee of R400 MUST be paid the day the pigeon arrives at the loft. The activation fee of R1600 per remaining pigeon/s must be paid after the […]

Pigeons on Auction

The first 25 pigeons are currently up for auction that raced at Carnival Lots in the winter 2021 series, some have pedigrees and some not unfortunately. Some of the pedigrees are detailed others not so much but what is a fact is that these top 25 pigeons and for that matter any of the top […]